Nature rediscovered by science: QLARIVIA - immaculate water

The purity of water from an ancient, unpolluted world:

Hydration Innovation

QLARIVIA is Deuterium Depleted Water, an absolute innovation in the way we hydrate our bodies. Because QLARIVIA contains only 25 parts per million deuterium, 6 times less than the water we normally drink, it lowers the deuterium levels in our body at cellular level and helps us maintain our general wellbeing.

Holistic approach to wellness

QLARIVIA is easily integrated into a healthy lifestyle.
Drink QLARIVIA every day and benefit from the long term effects of balancing deuterium in your body.

Certified Quality

QLARIVIA is made following the highest quality standards.
QLARIVIA has a special mineral content that gives it a slightly basic pH and its great taste.
QLARIVIA is nitrate and nitrite-free and is bottled in BPA-free plastic.

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