History / Invention and Production Rights


larivia 25 is a drinking water with a concentration of deuterium of 25±5 ppm (parts per million) D/(D+H), obtained by a technology patented in Romania and internationally protected.
The QLARIVIA brand was launched on the market in 2008 by MECRO SYSTEM SRL and it represents an absolute novelty in the world.
QLARIVIA 25 is a purified drinking water, with a deuterium concentration of 25±5 parts per million (ppm), approximately 6 times smaller than the deuterium concentration of 150 ppm found in regular waters.
Qlarivia deuterium depleted water is an immaculate, pure water, like the one that existed thousands of years ago on Earth thousands.



he technology used allows obtaining deuterium depleted water with deuterium concentrations from 1 to 120 ppm. The owner of this technology is the company Mecro System Ltd, who produces the deuterium depleted water under the Qlarivia Trademark.


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